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An unwanted pregnancy is like the worst nightmare for every woman. Carrying out a pregnancy is a huge decision for a woman. Opting for medical abortion is the best choice if you do not want to get hospitalized or undergo a surgery. With the advancement of medicines, now it is too possible to conduct an abortion at home without any surgical help. Misodel has become a renowned medicinal product just because of its effectiveness.

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What Is Misodel?

Misodel is an oral contraceptive abortion pill. This medication can be administrated within the first trimester or 49 days of pregnancy. Misoprostol is the main medication used to make this medicine. The medication is certified by FDA (Food and Drug Association) as the most efficient way of abortion. It is widely used by numerous women all around the world.

The medicine provides you with the convenience to terminate your pregnancy at home or any other place where you feel comfortable.

How Does Misodel Work?

Misodel is considered as the secondary medicine and it is followed by the primary medicine Mifepristone/Mifeprex. Mifeprex restricts the nutrients to reach the fetus in the womb. Thus, due to lack of nutrition fetus dies in the womb instantly.

Misodel then flushes out the dead fetus out of the body through vaginal bleeding.

Dosage : Misodel

Misodel is a secondary medicine it should be consumed after 24 to 72 hours of Mifepristone consumption. 2 tablets of 200mg is the advised dosage of the medicine. Missed dose of misodel can affect the person as the dead fetus will remain in the body.

Advisory Precautions

  1. Do not take an overdose of the medicine as it can show adverse effects on the health.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  3. For pain, a few painkillers can be taken on prescription. Sanitary napkins or pads have to be used instead of tampons.
  4. Avoid breastfeeding until the abortion process is over.
  5. Avoid physical activities like running, driving vehicle etc.

Possible Side Effects Misodel

The intake of misodel leads for minor side- effects on the health which include a headache, drowsiness, vomiting, facial flushing, etc. & these symptoms must not remain for a long time & if it does, proper recovery measures must be considered.

Storage Misodel

  1. This Pill should be stored at room temperature (below 30°C). Avoid any kind of exposure to sun or light directly as it can affect the medicine.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.