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  • Mifegest Kit

Mifegest Kit

Mifegest Kit is natural for the couples in relationship to get into intimacy session & thus may lead for failure of the contraceptive methods that give rise to the outcome of undesired pregnancy. If females are not ready for the acceptance of motherhood, then such occurrences usually happen & the improper functioning of the birth control measures could lead them become pregnant without the desire.

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Mifegest Kit Successful Completion Of Medical Pregnancy Termination

So, if such females have decided for giving up with their pregnancy progression, they can make use of the medical termination of pregnancy method which can be effectively conducted by swallowing certain important medicinal products that are known as Abortion pill. These Mifegest Kit medicine treatments are highly recommended for eliminating with the chances of pregnancy progression in females & thus, they need to be considered within the first trimester of pregnancy helping out to achieve with the required consequences. For this, there is no requirement for the females for making use of surgical tools & anesthesia & thus can be simply carried out at home within hassle- free atmosphere.

Mifegest kit is highly acclaimed medicinal kit that could be utilized by women for aborting pregnancy & leads for successful impacts without the rise of any harsh side- effects. This medicinal product has been clinically prescribed by the health managers of Food & Drug Association (FDA) & so they are harmless & effective forms of medicinal treatments widely recommended for concluding with pregnancy progression. This is a complete medical aid that helps terminating pregnancy in its initial stage & hence these must be consumed within 63 days of last menstrual periods of women. These medicinal products are largely available in the pharmacy stores & can also be purchased from the online medical websites at cost- effective prices.

Method Of Administration: Mifegest kit

Mifegest kit has been composed with two essential abortion pills that are mainly Mifepristone & Misoprostol which form to be important drug treatments highly acclaimed by the females on global basis for getting relieved from unwished pregnancy. Mifepristone is commonly termed as Mifeprex helps for concluding with the actions of pregnancy hormone progesterone that gets naturally produced within the female human body. It forms to be a potential one since its presence supports with the growth & development of fetus situated in the embryo. It supplies with the necessary nutrients, blood vessels & oxygen to the fetus. When progesterone stops working, it causes with its death & thus needs to be immediately removed from the uterine region. Mifepristone also causes with the dilation of cervix & removes the fetus from the endometrial support. It then causes breaking of the uterine wall & hence becomes easy for the fetus to get eliminated.

Misoprostol, another abortion pill contained in this kit must be incorporated about 1-2 days after consuming Mifepristone that causes with the contracting of the uterine region. It then helps removing the dead fetus & pregnancy tissues from this organ & thus helps initiating cramps in the uterine region. Thus, on a successful note, the process of medical abortion gets completed.

Dosage & Side-Effects: Mifegest kit

Females are advised that they must make with the complete following of the instructions which have been guided by the health managers while making use of these drug products. Mifegest kit is composed with 5 medicinal pills out of which there is only one medicinal pill contained of Mifepristone which needs to be consumed in oral manner. The dose provided of this medicinal product is 200mg. Misoprostol contained in this kit has been provided with 4 medicinal pills each having dosage capacity of 200mcg & they need to be incorporated either in oral manner or can be administered through the vaginal region.

The common side- effects that take place after making intake of such drug treatments by women are excess bleeding, pain in the abdominal region, headache, vomiting, etc. These must not remain for long time.

Precautionary Steps: Mifegest kit

  1. Females must keep away from the consumption of alcoholic drinks & smoking of tobacco products along with the consideration of these medicinal products.
  2. If pregnancy has exceeded 10 weeks or if the age of females has been more than 35 years of age, then they must avoid making use of such drug products.
  3. Females must avoid conducting outdoor activities, driving, etc. after making consumption of these medicinal products since, it could lead for light- headedness & thus could be dangerous.
  4. If females have been making use of intrauterine device, they need to remove it first & then make consumption of such medicinal pills.