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Shipping Policy is an international pharmaceutical so there's nothing that'll come in the way while placing an order from any country. We have expedited services that are approachable while exchanging our solicitations. Depending upon what services you demand, packages can be traced. They are variants of benefits you reap while shopping through However, information regarding our terms should be read by clients before conducting any forms of business with us.

A confirming message is sent through an email, alerting customers about the order placed, the delivery address and the billing price. It is receivable with 48 hours after placing an order. Usually, the delivery is made within 9-15 working days, nevertheless, in some instances, the timespan maybe longer than expected.

Disappointingly, we don't follow any types of refund scheme. No forms of recompensation are carried out once the shipments have begun. Most importantly can't be held responsible if the customer is inattentive or has changes in the address. The added charges are invoiceable to the client.